Carnegie Peacebuilding Conversations

Thomas Rau



Director of RAU and Turntoo

Thomas Rau is entrepreneur, architect, innovator, inspirator and visionary. He was proclaimed Architect of the Year 2013 and received from the journal De Architect the ARC13 Oeuvre Award for his efforts in the last 20 years to promote and realize sustainable architecture across the board, as well as for 'his inspiring contribution to the social and architectural agenda.' He is led by what is needed in the future, and not what is possible at the moment. As an architect, Thomas Rau has been an authority on energy positive building and circular building for decades. Rau’s agency Turntoo initiated ‘The Universal Declaration of Material Rights’. The architecture of that new economy is based on the organised relationship between man and nature, which can exist in the closed system earth. Within that system, everything is equally important, so if people have rights, materials should be entitled to rights as well.

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